Luthier Pages

This page is intended as a resource to luthiers and folks just interested in the stringed instrument building process. By definition this page will continuously be a work in progress and I have lots of information and projects that I want to include here. Additional suggestions are always welcome.

I will attempt to indicate the "last update" information so folks can see what is current. Much of this page will just be links out to other details so use it as a table of contents. Enjoy!

- Useful Links:

For some helpful information and sources of materials on the web check out THESE links.

- Guitar Building:

Let's Build A Guitar - being a photo journal of the build of a double top/double back instrument (Last Mod: November 6, 2012)

Fretwork - Making Semi-Hemispherical Fret Ends (Last Mod: 06/25/2004)

- Mandolin Building:

Let's Build A Mandolin (Last Mod: 05/09/2012)

Mandolin Solid Bridge Project (Last Mod: 10/05/2011)

Let's Build A Bouzouki (Last Mod: 12/24/2017)

- Tools and Jigs:

Making Finger Planes (Last Mod: 12/27/2002)

Powered Hollow Form Sander (Last Mod: 05/24/2006)

Making Hollow Forms with Router and bandsaw jigs (Last Mod: 04/17/2008)

MacRostie Type Deflection Jig - A modified version (Last Mod: 05/24/2011)