Features and Pricing

Last Modified: March 2016


The base model guitar is made of True Mahogany or Indian Rosewood with a Sitka spruce double top or solid top. The neck has shell dots and white side markers and is set in at the 14th fret. The sound hole has three rings of B/W/B wood purfling. The body is bound in wood and has a B/W purfling on the top edge. $5,599.00, hard case included.


The following are just a few of the available options for price comparison. Individual options are always available. Inquire for inlay on neck and headstock.

Special Wood Top Purfling  $195.00
Full Wood Purfling (top and sides) $495.00
Shell Rosette $150.00 - 250.00
Shell Top Edging  $450.00 - 550.00
Full Shell Edging (top and sides)  $800.00 - 1,000.00

Woods are priced individually depending on quality and figure. The following are approximate.

Engelman Spruce Top No upcharge
Adirondack or Carpathian Spruce Top $300.00 - 600.00
Padauk $100.00
American Black Walnut $95.00
Cocobolo Rosewood $450.00
Brazilian Rosewood Inquire
Double Back Double the wood-type price