About The Guitars

The present emphasis is on acoustic steel string instruments, Double Top instruments are a specialty. These are all hand plate tuned and constructed in such a way as to get the most from the individual woods. Only the finest quality woods and materials are selected and used.

A guitar can be many things, and before the construction can begin Alan consults with the prospective owner to see what it is that the individual wants. Then wood selection can begin and the top and back plates tuned and adjusted to best match the future owner's desires. Each guitar made is tuned to be the best that those materials can deliver. By careful adjustment of the top and back plates as well as the assembled body Alan creates a balanced instrument that provides the owner a wonderful, live, and exciting experience in the completed product. Details such as personal preferences of a wide or narrow neck, action adjustments, gloss or flat finish are just part of the process to completion. The cosmetics may not be part of the tonality of a guitar but they can enhance the owner's love of the instrument when the inlay and trim are done to their own wishes and custom design.

Current models of my design are The Serenade and The Minstrel. I also build to approximate sizes of 0-Parlour, 000, OM, Deep Body OM, and Dreadnoughts. Custom design instruments and alternative woods are encouraged.

Typical lead time for an instrument is nine months to a year depending on the level of custom work. Plan ahead!