Double Top Adirondack and Indian Rosewood Serenade. Property of Michael Smith, lead guitar for Reservoir Road




Double-Top/Double-Back Smartmouth A-5 mandolin in Cedar/Sitka and Curly Maple.

Property of Spirit A'Cladach


Jarrah and Redwood 000 cutaway. Property of John Sorell




Padauk and Sitka Dreadnought with deluxe headstock. Alan's Personal

American Black Walnut Slothead Parlour


Mother of Pearl "Pogo" in Brazilian Rosewood

Mother of Pearl Unicorn on ebony fretboard 14th fret. Prop. Bill Chandler (R.I.P)


 Red Columbine on Ebony Fretboard with red purfling and ebony binding. Prop. John Sorell


Mitered Green Abalone Heart Shell with Black/White purfling in Cocobolo Rosewood. Ebony end graft and binding. Prop. Bill Chandler (R.I.P)