Classes and Instruction

Last Modified: June 2016

A limited number of One-On-One Master Classes are offered at Dunwell Guitar. All classes are onsite at Dunwell Guitar and taught by Alan personally. Since each class is direct to one student Alan can take the time to express many details and tailor the instruction to the individual student. Much time is allowed for question and answer directly in-line with the lessons. It is assumed that classes are interactive. For more details or to schedule a class contact Alan by phone or email.


Double-Top Construction - $900.00:

A one and one-half day class with pick-up of the completed tops on the morning of the third day.

This class is designed to take a student through the entire process of building a double-top (DT). The same process can be applied to both top and back plates. It is best, but not required, that the student have some building experience already. If you are a beginner just plan on more time for explanation of details, it might take a full two days. Alan builds one top to demonstrate the steps and the student repeats the steps thereby getting actual hands-on experience under Alan's watchful eye so that mistakes are avoided. The student leaves with two completed tops!

The class at a minimum will include:

- discussion of various top designs
- vacuum clamping and vacuum systems in general
- preparation and selection of the woods and thickness sanding techniques
- glues and glue testing
- glue calculations
- Nomex - types, selection, handling, etc.
- proper assembly steps and vacuum clamping
- double-top special considerations for bracing and tone control

This is just an overview of the class, there is a wealth of information disseminated in the actual class and detailed hand-outs are provided including a source card for suppliers and resources.

If you have been wanting to get started in double-top designs but were uncertain as to how to proceed, look no further. This class will give you everything you need to confidently make your own double plate instruments and you will walk away with two of your own to help you get started.


Voicing and Free Plate Tuning - $500.00:

This is a three-quarter to one day class designed to help builders learn how to deal with the bracing and tone control of the double-top design. [Note: This class can also be taught for solid wood plates if desired.] The sample tops will be provided for work while in the shop, but the student can also bring a pre-braced but not carved top if desired, but contact Alan for details on bracing first. It can be carved and voiced sort of as a "Final Exam". Chladni free plate examination is also done on the completed plates as time allows.